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Accept payments online from local and international* buyers/shoppers via:

RapidPay Request

RapidPay Request is a plug and play solution available to South African merchants. The solution allows Call Centre agents to send a payment widget to the customer’s mobile device whilst on-call using NI-USSD Technology.

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RapidPay Express Pay-by-Link

Pay-by-Link makes it easy for a merchant to send out a payment button via SMS or Email, to customers requesting a specific payment from them.

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RapidPay Express Enterprise

This includes the benefits of the Rapid Express Pay-by-link plus the ability to embed payments into PDF invoices, statements, emails and SMS’s.

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Rapid Payments supports the following Shopping Carts:

Scalable global platform built for multiple channels and interfaces.
Shopify, WooCommerce, Wix, and Magento enabled.
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Introducing Rapid Pay GO card machines

Our card machines make it easier for thousands of South African businesses to accept card payments. Sales Go Up by 45% with a Card Machine! We help local Business Owners Sell more!

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