Fraud Prevention

Protect : Cutting-Edge fraud detection tools

  • Real-time checks to screen transactions
  • Custom setup for each merchant
  • Blacklists to protect merchants from  repeat fraudsters

Advanced Real-Time risk checking

  • Real-time risk checking and reporting to merchant
  • 120+ advanced algorithms to detect and prevent fraud
  • Integrations with 3rd party risk service providers such as Retail Decisions

Flexible Implementation

  • Custom risk rules and algorithms tailored to the merchant profile
  • Selectively apply rules to transactions to optimize costs
  • Unified view on fraud prevention across all channels including mobile apps

Minimize chargebacks

  • Block suspect transactions from being presented to acquirers
  • Platform-wide card blacklists to block known stolen cards
  • Monitor chargeback rates in Rapid Payments’ merchant dashboard

Optimize conversion

  • Increase accuracy in identification of fraudulent transactions to minimize the impact on conversion
  • Flag transactions for manual review instead of rejecting to reduce false positives
  • Optimize the use of additional authentication tools such as 3DSecure